The survey of adult education

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Mass. students are #1 in the nation and at the top internationally

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The background questionnaire was administered face-to-face by an interviewer who entered the answers into a laptop computer. In contrast, the study because of interest increases with age. IELTS Academic Task 1: Survey of Adult Education.

By Sartaj Singh on August 22, • (6 Comments) The charts below show the results of a survey of adult education. The Adult Education Survey (AES) covers adults’ participation in education and training (formal, non-formal and informal learning) and is one of the main data sources for EU lifelong learning statistics.

The AES covers the resident population aged education (ABE), adult secondary education (ASE), English as a second language (ESL), and ‘other’ educational programs. An electronic survey to determine the number of students served was sent to adult education and literacy providers in Texas.

Jan 03,  · American Community Survey Data on Educational Attainment These data from the ACS provide estimates of educational attainment from to present, and are available for the U.S., states, metropolitan area, and more.

Survey of adult education Éducation populaire Éducation des adultes: Responsibility: Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Education Division, Adult Education Section = L'éducation populaire / Bureau Fédéral de la Statistique, Division de l'éducation, Section de l'éducation des adultes.

Individuals, employer and tax-payer should bear the cost of adult education, according to participants of the survey. In details, 4 out of 10 adults continue their education due to their passion for subjects while 38% enrol in further education to enhance their job qualifications.

The survey of adult education
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