Rabindranath tagore contribution towards education

Without music and the fine arts, he wrote, a nation lacks its highest means of national self-expression and the people remain inarticulate.

Tagore was an all rounder and his institution imparted education for the all round development of the personality. It should be noted that Rabindranath in his own person was a living icon of the type of mutuality and creative exchange that he advocated. The students were allowed access to the room where he read his new writings to teachers and critics, and they were encouraged to read out their own writings in special literary evenings.

The Tagorean Impulse

Tagore wanted education should aim at cultivating the power of acquiring ideas through independent effort, curiosity and alertness of mind, and the potentiality of critically appraising the ideas, of assimilating them and of using what we learn. Man can freely express his thought in his mother-tongue.

She taught sewing, elementary rules of hygiene, nursing, etc. Mr own position towards this religious treasure is that of the humblest learner, merely a Brahmacharini, or novice, not a Sannyasini or fully professed religious, without any pretentions to Sanskrit learning, and set free by the great kindness of my superiors to pursue my social, literary and educational work and studies, entirely outside their direction and supervision.

He believed that the creator pervades through all His creations and as such there is a spiritual bond between man and man, and man and nature.

From the discussion it is clear that Tagore aimed at a perfection in education which is not only that of body or mind, but also that of soul. In participating in the cosmopolitan activities of the family, he came to reject narrowness in general, and in particular, any form of narrowness that separated human being from human being.

As surely I am fitted to my world, so surely is my world in need of me, waiting — ready. Tagore was brought up in an extended family.

Contribution of Rabindranath Tagore in Education

Tagore does not believe that religious education should be a separate subject. Mombasa, the ship bringing Margaret to India, reached Calcutta on 28 January They were the founders of a literary coterie, which came to be known as the Sesame Club.

Rabindranath Tagore Contribution Towards Education

One characteristic that sets Rabindranath's educational theory apart is his approach to education as a poet. She often used to refer to Swami Vivekananda as "The King" and considered herself as his spiritual daughter Manaskanya in Bengali. Breaking away from the stereotypical role for ones rights with subtlety and understatement.

Rather than studying national cultures for the wars won and cultural dominance imposed, he advocated a teaching system that analysed history and culture for the progress that had been made in breaking down social and religious barriers.

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Ruby Dipu Rabindranath Tagore on Education Rabindranath Tagore — world famous poet, philosopher and great humanist, was born in Calcutta, India on 7th May and lived for 80 long years. The feeling of oneness can be developed through the concepts like fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man all creatures are equal on this earth.

So I began ardently to study how this world was created and all things in it and I discovered that in the laws of Nature at least there was consistency, but it made the doctrines of the Christian religion seem all the more inconsistent.

He wanted to give education in a natural surroundings characterised by freedom and creativity. Havell was instrumental in freeing Abanindranath from European influences and drawing his attention to Moghul and Rajput styles. Life was simple, regular and austere and was inspired by the ideals of hospitality, self-help and respect for the elders.

One of the first areas to be emphasized was music.

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The program started with two objectives in mind, first to survey the economic, social and scientific needs of the cultivators in their home, village and fields, and second, to try out laboratory experiments in health, education, craft, cultivation and animal husbandry.

All should develop social relationship and fellow-feeling from the beginnings of one's life. There have different sections and departments in it, viz. Man bears the diverse qualities and potentialities offered by God. He saw that the existing system had a lot of flaws and limitations.

He terms it the "method of nature. From his outlook of verification of truth and approval we find a glimpse of pragmatism. I invited thinkers and scholars from foreign lands to let our boys know how easy it is to realise our common fellowship, when we deal with those who are great, and that it is the puny who with their petty vanities set up barriers between man and man.

He had a belief that "The widest road leading to the solution of all our problems is education. Tagore believed in the pedagogical value of these classes as well as in their value for economical independence and as being an end in itself through the aesthetic expression they provide. Sep 09,  · Rabindranath Tagore, himself, never received a regular school education.

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All his knowledge is from self study, and by home tutors. And through this only, this brilliant man gathered so much knowledge that he could talk about physics with Einstein the.

The problems of modern education are attendance. the investigator has delimited his study to the` Contribution of Rabindranath Tagore in the field of Education and its relevance in the modern world‘ which serves as a backbone of the education janettravellmd.com://janettravellmd.com Nationalism has ratings and 77 reviews.

Lisa said: As Nobel Laureates go, Rabindranath Tagore ranges among my absolute favourites. I have loved his f 4/5(77). · SUMMARY OF THE STUDY Rationale of the Study Education is a powerful for emancipation of humankind, in ancient India, nerving the dire necessity of 'shikshya' or education many centres of education-known as janettravellmd.com janettravellmd.com  · dissimilarities between Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Rabindranath Tagore’s Philosophy of Education.

[1] IER, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi Email: [email protected] [2] IER, University of Rajshahi, janettravellmd.com  · THE EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY OF RABINDRANATH TAGORE AND DR. RADHAKRISHNAN Dr. B.M. alias Santosh Thakare entirely on fulfilling the dreams and vision of Tagore on education.

Like the contribution of Mahatma Jyotirao Fule in Maharashtra towards education of women and empowering them,janettravellmd.com

Rabindranath tagore contribution towards education
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Rabindranath Tagore's Educational Ideas and Experiments, by C Kupfer